There are many good reasons to have an appraisal on your classic Mercedes. It may be needed for insurance purposes should there be a total loss or a “diminished value” situation after an accident. It may be necessary for divorce or estate purposes, or in order to get financing. But simply put, the best reason is simply to protect your investment!

The value of the vehicle is generally determined through three things; a thorough inspection of the car, market “comps” (similar to real estate) and a personal knowledge of the market. Using an appraiser who specializes in Mercedes-Benz has its obvious advantages. If you are dealing with vehicles that are often referred to as “3’s” (on the 1 to 5 scale, 1+ being the highest) it may not be as important, but if your car is a 2- or higher, a Mercedes obsessed appraiser is key. Having over 30 years experience in the restoration of Mercedes vehicles has brought us a knowledge base that is hard to replicate.

An appraisal will carefully document the specifics of your vehicle, correctness and condition (with photos), as well as past parts and labor that have been performed. And should your needs involve a model or marque that we feel we are not best suited for, we will gladly help you find an appraiser that is the best fit!

Prices start from $299.

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